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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Wish Come True - GATOR BAIT

Christmas Wish List December 13, 2005: 'I wish for no team West of the Mississippi to be in the Top 20 in any college sport (except Texas)'

Unbelievable - for those that have read my posts over the last year - My God, it's been a whole year! (Blog Anniversary Post on its way) - you know how much I hate the Main Stream Sports Media, hero worship, and the bias against teams in the south, especially the SEC.

So when a team from the SEC wins anything, I live to see cheerleaders cry and the MSM apologize.

But the Gators win last night was special. There was nothing that CBS could do to manufacture any relevance to UCLAs appallingly poor performance; although CBS tried its best to move pathos over ethos. The very first crowd shot before the game started was of Lew Alcindor and Bill Walton. Then all through the first half, we saw no less than five shots of Lew and Billy. (In the second half butt-whompin, Lew and Bill saw no camera time - wonder why?) Then there was the angle of former UCLA Coach John Wooden in the hospital. Ok. Nice story, but why is that relevant? Because he won 12 titles with UCLA! Again, so what? Legacy, history...fellas, there was no story here.

The real story here is that UCLA was lucky to get into to finals. The lead story should have been FL's 14 point win margin against all other tourney opponents - not even mentioned until the second half. The real story was FL's 17 game win streak getting to the finals. The real story was not UCLA Alumni, a sick coach and a legacy, but an exceptional performance by a great team and a class act coach and program.

The Gators deserve to put among NCAA Tourney/Finals great teams. This was a magnificent performance by a great coach and bunch of kids who showed more heart, talent, and tenacity than any team since Christian Leattner buried KY in 92.

It's Great To Be A Florida Gator!

At last, a post of your's I can agree with.

I think it's all the sweeter that we beat a team with such a grand legacy.

A great day for the Gator Nation!
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