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Friday, May 19, 2006

Iran Jews To Wear Yellow Ribbons

What is that chart? Hit these sites first:

Y-Net News
Canada's National Post

I am sure that the Iranians will use the same symbols and colors the Nazis used to make all non-Muslims 'identifiable.' Just in case you forgot what that was all about, or if you've never read it or seen it before, the picture above is the symbol chart that survived Dachau.

Now to make sure the Iranians get it right, here is how the Nazis used colors for the chart above:

Red was used for political prisoners.
Green was used for criminals.
Blue was used for emigrants.
Purple was used for Jehovah's Witnesses.
Pink was used for homosexuals, generally only males.
Black was used for lesbians and "antisocial" Germans, who were probably just unemployed.
Brown was used for "antisocial" individuals from other countries.
Yellow was used for Jewish prisoners.

And there are people who wonder why Iran is a rogue nation.

When do we start bombing?

Shema Israel!

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