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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calderon Ganando!

Las Elecciones Mexicanas Encima!

El triunfo de los conservadores! Calderon Ganando!

Ahora, GWB no tendra que quiza besar el fondo de este hombre como el hizo con el zorro de Vicente Fox.

Y puede ser que apenas poder poner para arriba una cerca sin el gobierno en Mexico DF que se quejaban por ella.

Viva La Libertad En Mexico

Basic Translation For The Uneducated -
Calderon Won! GWB won't have to kiss his butt like he did with V Fox! And now we can build a fence without anyone in Mexico City going nuts!

Long Live Liberty in Mexico

Lopez the Labrador will keep barking until Calderon hammerlocks his cry-baby arse into submission.
Build a fence? Why? Lets just invade Mexico and Canada and be done with it.
If we just arrested the employers of illegals, most of them would leave on their own. Then we wouldn't need a fence.
(Fences can be used to keep people in, too.)
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