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Monday, February 05, 2007

CBS - Completely Boring Superbowl

A few months ago, I did a bit on the sport of Curling - how it's boring, very Canadian (hence, boring) and why it's a metaphor what is wrong with Olympic sports coverage. After watching the Super Bowl last night, I'd vote to watch Curling every day of the week and twice on Super Bowl Sunday.

Except for Colts fans and their new band-wagoneers, did anyone else fall asleep in the rain like I did? I can't blame CBS for the quality of the game, but I can blame CBS for its coverage. First, Jim Nantz - God love him! He is a great commentator for sports like golf, golf, golf and golf. Hey Jimmy, this is not Augusta National and Tiger is not trying to decide if a 7 iron or an 8 iron is going to carry him over the left fairway bunker before he makes his approach shot on the 9th hole. Professional football is about violence, coaching, team stuff...all the stuff that golf is not. I was having Madden withdrawl, seriously. So we cooked a turkey and I was waving the turkey legs at the screen and drawing yellow circles on the tv for every play. If you need a little Madden, click here. Next, Prince! There may not have been a wardrobe malfunction, but there was no mystery to what that dwarf was doing with his guitar behind the curtain...and anyone who says differently is in denial.

The commercials were a snore-fest too, except the Blockbuster hamsters using the mouse to order movies - pretty funny. Coke and some of the other sycophant dribblers lathered up the black history month thing which leads me to this question: why is it important that a black coach be in the Super Bowl? If the representation of ethnicity is the issue, and since 75% of the players on the field this day were black, why is race an issue for the head coaching spot? Mark this sport/group off the list and move on. Hockey and Curling - now there are two sports where the NAACP should spend time advancing the participation of Afro-Americans since we know that ice sports routinely and by design shut-out blacks from inclusion. Now that the glass ceiling has been pierced in the NFL, what's the next brass ring - assistant coaches? Hell, we could go down the ranks of all coaching positions until one day there is a dyslexic, ADA, 1/2 Puert0 Rican-1/2 Jap who coached and won a Super Bowl. See how stupid this whole 'let's be special by being different crap is?

I could care less that the coach who won last night is black. I only care that he is legal to work in the US.

And since the Saints were not in the SB, did it really matter?

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