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Friday, February 02, 2007

Dick Morris - Cut The Funds To Iran

Look at what Dick Morris thinks is one way to go after Iran:

The Iranian regime stands at the center of global terrorism and its nuclear ambitions must send a chill down our collective spine.

Bush is increasingly standing up to Iran with almost daily warnings and the deployment of a second carrier task force nearby. But the president's focus has been on Iranian involvement in Iraq and on its policy of shipping weapons, agents, provocateurs and possibly combatants into the war zone to harass and kill Americans. This emphasis is understandable given the dangers that face our troops in Iraq. Anything Bush can do to lessen the threats they face must be done.

Bush should continue and accelerate his efforts to destroy Iran's economy by cutting off investments to companies that invest there. Frank Gaffney's disinvestterrror.org campaign says that 87 state-administered pension funds in the United States have invested $188 billion in one of 500 publicly traded companies that "partner with terrorist-sponsoring states."
These 500 companies among them "have $73 billion invested in Iran, Syria, Libya, and North Korea."

Morris is exacly right. Iran should have been a bigger part of the 'de-financing' the GWOT. Some US companies are doing it:

Among these companies are: Alcatal SA, BNP Paribas, Hyundai, Linden Petroleum, Oil and Natural Gas Corp, Siemens AG, Statoil ASA, Stolt Nielsen, Technip Coflexip, and Total SA. UBS, which was once on the list, has divested itself of all such investments.

More is needed. Any US company that does business with Iran and NK should be fined a million a day until it is completely divested of any support of Iran.

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