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Monday, August 22, 2005

Operation Whoop Ass!


Marines and Afghan forces killed more than 40 suspected militants in an operation against insurgents who had inflicted the deadliest blow to American forces since the Taliban’s ouster, a military spokesman said Monday.
“It was successful,” Lt. Col. Jerry O’Hara told The Associated Press. “We had over 29 separate engagements with enemy forces that resulted in more than 40 enemy killed in action and many others wounded.”
O’Hara also announced that a separate three-day battle from Aug. 7-10 in southern Zabul province’s Daychopan district left a total of 65 suspected militants dead. The military had previously reported that 16 rebels had been killed.

I bet FOXNEWS will be the only ones to cover the retake of that valley in Afghanistan where the Navy Seals were killed. Now keep pushing into Pakistan and get this over with!

Thats good news if we actually killed militants. Unfortunately it comes along with the news that this has been the bloodiest year there since the invasion for American troops. Taliban influences are re-emerging, large portions of the country are lawless and Poppy production is back on the rise (good news for everyone upset about high heroin prices). Not trying to be a downer but if this is the best news we can find then we are in trouble. I don't have high hopes for the future of Afghanistan and thats unfortunate because before Bush bailed for Iraq I really thought we could see a turnaround there.
Oh the Taliban are not gaining so much. We have not lost much there. What's more, Afghanistan and Iraq require two different sorts of troops. You aren't going to use the 3rd Infantry Division, a mechanized outfit, in Afghanistan. You need light infantry and special forces. Afghanistan is not densely populated, so we don't need as many troops there. Relax man, Afghanistan is doing good.

What's more, there was no "bailing." We had 10,000 troops there in 2003, we have 17,000 today.
I stand corrected on bailing with troops however I stand by the fact that we have still 'bailed' on afghanistan.

The attention of this administration and our nation has moved on. Afghanistan will need long term financial and political support and we will not be in a position to do that given our commitment to Iraq. Basically, I feel we greatly decreased our chances and level of success in Afghanistan by fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq.
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