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Friday, August 19, 2005

It's Your Fault (Mine too)

Every person in this country is responsible for the high price of oil. Why? Because over the last thirty years, we have sent idiots to Congress session after session who pass restrictive and stifling legislation that won’t allow us to drill and refine oil in our own GD country! Second, Congress has not passed a comprehensive energy bill that allows us to create more refineries in the US, advance our nuclear power capabilities, nor allow us to develop and move to market alternate oil energy sources. It’s that simple (even though 60% of our energy production is nuclear in this country) And everyone reading this, and those that ought to be reading this, should be ashamed.
According to all the conspiracy wackos, if this administration really controlled the price of oil, (which is so stupid on its face I have trouble typing an answer) why would it make it so cost prohibitive to drive demand down? Why would W wish to inject so much instability into an economic period of solid growth and economic performance? The answer is, this administration has nothing to do with the price of oil, morons! Our Congress is only responsible for placing a check and balance on oil production so as to avoid the exact situation we are in. To get the price of oil down immediately, Congress needs to do is the following:

- Eliminate taxes on oil processing for six months
- Eliminate the tax on gas for six months
- Tax incent US oil companies to keep their prices down
- Open up the strategic oil reserve
- Build more refineries in the US
- Build more Nuclear Power plants
- Invest and bring to market alternate sources of power
- Drill in Alaska
- Drill in FL

If you eliminate the dependence on foreign sources of oil, children, you render the control others have on the price of oil meaningless. Why is this so difficult for you lefty-chuckleheads to understand? Simple. Because bashing this administration for the price of oil is politically expedient since Republicans control both houses and 1600 Penn Ave. Ah, but hold on, we can’t forget the premise of this post: Congress is the issue, not the Saudis. Voters have allowed Congress to pass legislation that has put a stranglehold on our ability to take care of our own energy needs. Democrats, Republicans, and Presidents are all to blame. (I live in FL - I hold Jeb responsible too since he caved to the eco-wackos about drilling in the gulf) Yes, I said it. Republicans are to blame too. You read that right. In fact, everyone in the US is to blame since we continue to send morons to Congress year after year who have placed us in the exact situation we are in! Feel kind of stupid? We all should!

I had the misfortune of sitting behind two ‘Fellow Travelers’ on an airplane today. This is what I heard: ‘The war in Iraq is about oil. Our soldiers are dying so that Bush and all his oil buddies can get rich. Why do you think oil prices are so high, so that Bush and all his oil companies can continue to get rich.’ And of course the sycophant sitting next to him agreed. How do you confront such idiocy at 35K feet? If only they could have choked on the peanuts.

If and only if this war on terror is about oil, then why didn’t we:
· invade Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq
· steal all the oil in Iraq and ship it directly to the US
· attack and occupy every oil rig in the Mid East
The war on terror is not about oil, you buttheads, it’s about fighting terror. If this war was about oil, Saudi Arabia would be New Texas. Pass the peanuts, some of you fellas are low!

Sorry, off topic, but I would just like to say thank you for visiting my blog, and for putting my blog on your "Honor Roll". I'm greatly honored and humbled, but I'm a little embarrassed since I do not deserve my spot next to the truly honorable and noble men like your brother-in-law and your grandfather. God bless them and your family.

Please see your email for my response!
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