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Friday, August 19, 2005

So Bush Lied?

Take a look at this post from a Vet in Kuwiat during the Clinton Admin:

This is more of a testimonial than an article. It is a reminder to the American public, which has forgotten the events I shall describe, but it is very important to remember.

The 3rd Infantry Division was the spearhead of the US liberation of Iraq. The "Rock of the Marne" had been the 24th Infantry Division in Georgia, Ft Stewart and Ft Benning.The 24th ID, later the 3rd ID, was the heavy firepower division of XVIII Airborne Corps, backing up the Airborne, Light Infantry and Marine Divisions made up mainly of grunts.
In the Armor Heavy Middle East, the Rock of the Marne was always first team. We all watched in 2003 as the 3rd led the way into Iraq and the cameras rolled.I served from 1996 until 1999 in the 3rd Brigade/3rd ID on Kelley Hill, Ft Benning. I was a dismount Infantryman in a Mechanized Rifle Platoon in Charlie Company 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry.And in February of 1998 we got the call. Then President Clinton was on closed-circuit tv with Lt. Colonel Davis, 1/15's Commander.
We had just come in from grueling maneuvers (I still remember them) in the field.Clinton was ordering our battalion to Kuwait. In the 1990s, there was always at least one Armored or Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Kuwait. The other two battalions of the Armor or Mech Brigade would be ready at a moment's notice to come and join them. Our sister unit, Task Force 1/30th Infantry, was over in Kuwait. We and 2/69 Armor, the other battalion, were going to complete the brigade. Then the rest of 3rd ID was to follow.You see, Saddam was flouting one of the many UN Resolutions against him, and Clinton was deeply concerned about Hussein's WMD program. Except from the extreme Left, there were none of the asinine ramblings about "no blood for oil." Nobody claiming Clinton lied.Well, we loaded up our gear, our wall lockers were about to be sealed and we were going to go to the planes any day. Kofi Annan stepped in at that point. In retrospect, it was, no doubt, to protect his investments in the Oil for Palaces program. He said that Saddam would be given "one last chance" to make it right. Clinton, of course, gave in.
The point of this is, we came within weeks of launching the exact same invasion of Iraq in 1998 that we did in 2003. What stalled it? Kofi Annan's worthless word that it would be Saddam's last chance and that we'd all be behind an attack next time. Where were all the "Bush lied" types back then? Not a peep from them. Our strategy was the exact same then that it has been under Bush. The truth is, most Liberals are liars or don't have a clue what they are talking about. The former are the politcal leaders who'll say and do anything to undermine America and the latter are fools who are led around by the nose by the former.

Thanks to The Republic of Utica Blog for this eye opening insight!

FBI: Missing the newest trend in terrorism?

By John Loftus, President of The Intelligent Summit

Special Agents in the street grumble that Al Qaeda is evolving again, while the Bureau's bosses pat each other on the back over yesterday's victories. Al Qaeda was a different beast before. First it was an alumni organization, recruiting combat veterans who had been schooled in the Afghan wars. Once the school rosters fell into American hands, the alumni were systematically hunted down, captured or killed. Good work.

But while the FBI applauded itself, Al Qaeda switched over to its second tier of recruits. Waiting in the wings were members of nationalist groups like the Moroccan madmen who bombed Madrid or the Jordanian fanatics of Al Zarqawi. These second tier terrorists were more like Kentucky Fried Chicken franchisees: they were independent operators who only borrowed the Al Qaeda name but were not subject to Al Qaeda control. As the EU and Arab states consolidate their anti-terror operations, the franchise terrorists are slowly becoming neutralized, isolated or exterminated. Ask Iraq.

In desperation, Al Qaeda has now devolved into its third iteration: a teenage fan club whose members correspond with each other over the internet as if they are playing a video game. But, as the London subway passengers discovered last July, sometimes the video games are a deadly dress rehearsal for the real thing.

For too long, western intelligence has dismissed the third tier of recruits as kiddy crime, the harmless posturing of Al Qaeda wannabees. The teens' twin terrorist organizations, Hizb ut-Tahrir and Al Mujaharoun ("Hut/Muj" for short) were laughed at as propaganda outlets of Sheik Bakri, a harmless little lunatic based in London at the Finsbury Mosque. But, as Bakri himself admits, during the 1990's both he and his assistant worked with the British Secret Intelligence Service setting up the Kosovo Liberation Army. They are not exactly virgins at recruiting kids to kill.

Hut/Muj usually targets 15 to 19 year olds, and indoctrinates them with private religious lessons for several years. Their na?ve ?migr? parents think the kids are going to some sort of Islamic Sunday school, while they are actually attending Bin Laden's version of the Hitler Youth. After several years of bonding and brain washing, the kids, now in their early twenties, are ready for terrorist operations. Some live near you.

Hut/Muj cells have spread like a cancer to California, New York, Virginia and Oregon. Despite the fact that local police have made several arrests for planned subway bombings and terrorist training, the FBI still laughs the whole Hut/Muj phenomenon off. This, the feds assert, is protected freedom of speech, mosque based religious education, entirely harmless. That is what the British used to say before 7/7. The mental calendar of the FBI's top leadership seems permanently stuck on 9/10. It is time they faced a clear and present danger.
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