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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Adopt a Marine - 3BN 25th Regiment

You all have heard about the unit in Iraq that lost over thirty men in the last several months? Everyone can now adopt a Marine: You can send all sorts of stuff like books, magazines, dvds, candy, food, etc., in a simple US Postal service flat rate box for less than 8 bucks. Most importantly you can also send a note or card for 37 cents and let a few American patriots know how much they mean to us. The address for 3/25 is:

Adopt a Marine c/o Capt Kasparian
3/25 H&S Co
Unit 72110
FPO, AE 09509-2110

The deadline to send this unit your support might have passed - still checking. There are all kinds of ways to show your support for other units, not just Marines. Please post some examples of what you have done to support our troops. THE LAST TIME TO SEND ANYTHING IS THIS WEEK - THIS UNIT RETURNS HOME IN OCTOBER - IF YOU MAIL ANYTHING, MAKE SURE IT'S INSURED!

nice work deleting my comment. Strong case you rightys have. You must silence the opposition at all costs.

I will re-post upon your deletion of this comment.
Anytime someone comments anonymously with such garbage deserves to get deleted. You want to carry on a civil discussion, go ahead. Make a statement, back it up, and cut the slime. Also, it's really brave for someone to post anonymously. Do you have an email address or blog for your thoughts? Didn't think so!
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