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Monday, August 22, 2005

Build It And They Will Vote

Directly from Blogs for Bush:

The residents of Fallujah are asking the authorities to increase the
number of voters' registration offices in the city as the existing ones are not
enough to finish the registration process of all eligible voters before the day
of the referendum planned for October 15...

That is Fallujah, boys and girls. Fallujah! If Fallujah can go from hotbed
of terrorists to place complaining they don't have enough voter registration
offices, then anything is possible in Iraq...including, you know, implantation
of democratic self-government.

Now we just need to get them to stop exploding themselves and us.

I'm sure the number of voting booths and offices will be increased as long as the voters trend the way Bush wants them to. Otherwise there will be one booth and an army of ominous special forces troops doing check in. They've really got it down after Ohio.
You need to get to Canada as soon as you can...
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