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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Post Pulls 9/11 Event Support


Have you seen this? The Wasingotn Pravda is pulling advertising and organization for a Pentagon Event to commemorate the 9/11 crash into that building claiming 'Journalistic Integrity would be compromised' since this is a rally with a 'pro-war' slant. How about eulogizing the victims of a terrorist attack? The Post is going to give money instead to the Pentagon Memorial Fund. Question: If this standard has been in place for a while, why say yes, then back out? Idiots! I guess besides the point of the rally, Clint Black is just much for all the tree huggers at the Pravda to handle! If the Post can support the Marine Corps Marathon, then why not this event? I guarantee you that many of those who run in that Marathon would be at this event for the Pentagon. Unbelievable!

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