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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hey Sheehan - Shut Up And Go Home

Fantastic article about what a nit wit this Sheehan lady has become. Of all the stuff the media tells you, it won't tell you this: Ms Sheehan formed a group called Gold Star Families For Peace which, nicely put, wants W to leave office now! The left love this lady. Her mind is pliable, she adopts anti-war persona like a costume change in a Vegas show, and she has spouts off anti-war rehtoric like it was being fed to her by Michaal Moore - oops, it is being fed to her my Mr. Moore. The other reason the left love this lady is that she is a Mom. She is not the run of the mill, anti-war, dope smoking, tree-hugging, peace wonk that Young Pioneer Factories like Bezerkley churn out year after year. Enjoy the link. Great Article. http://www.spectator.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=8581


From the old Sarge here: I'm sorry, Mrs Sheehan that you lost your son, but if he took an oath of enlistment at the time he joined up (which I'm sure he did) then he did his sworn duty. End-of-story!

Now, pack up your stuff and get on home to Petaluma or wherever because most of us veterans don't want to hear it and you ain't gonna change any of our minds no matter how long you stand on that corner!
Mary had a little lamb...
Cindy Sheephan
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