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Monday, August 15, 2005

Red States and Hillary In '08

OK - I really want to know how Hillary is going to win in 2008. Sure, she will have the all the media on her side, save FOX - the NEA, AFL-CIO, NOW, NAMBLA, Academics, disassociated radical lefties; basically, all the same groups that supported Kerry in '04. So here's the question: What states will Hillary win that Kerry could not win in '04? What is she going to do to win the South, The Mid-West, and Interior Western States? She will do the same things Kerry did. She will run the same campaign - 'Us not Them, New Beginning, W is a Warmonger, Worst Economy in 50 years, Healthcare for Everyone, Europe does not like us -boo, hoo, hoo.' But how is she going to win the states that Kerry lost? The simple answer is nothing. The same right thinking people who put Kerry back in the Senate will send Hillary back to NY? I just don't see it happening. Now, I said that to say this. Defeating Hillary is not automatic...

Currently, the Republicans have no one to put up. I've read a lot of blogs that say Jeb Bush might do it. My thought? - In the immortal words of Gene Autry, 'Nope!' Jeb is a fine person, but charisma wise, he ain't no 'W'. As much as I'd like to see Condi run, she really wants to be the next Commissioner of the NFL. McCain? God Help Us? Ahnold? Only if we change the Constitution. Guliani? Maybe. He certainly has the character, charisma, and support of Reagan Democrats and most conservatives. His personal issues pale in comparison to ex-President Busy Pants who set the bar of fellonious indecency so high it would take Evel Knievel's Rocket Plane to clear. So the real question remains, how is Hillary going to win in the states that Kerry lost? No answers from me, or them! Let's Hope!

Hey CR, thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate the support. You are henceforward a citizen of the Republic of Utica.

I agree with your assessment. Hillary is trying to make herself into a pro-life "praying woman." I don't expect anyone to be fooled. I know they think we're rubes here in the Red States, but, in fact, you and I know we're a lot smarter than that!

With the break in the Labor Movement, no Democrat might be able to win even as much as Kerry won. Bear in mind that in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Kerry only won by 2-4 points, and so did Gore in 2000. These are heavy union states where labor groups make up a big percentage of Democrat money and get out the vote drives. The lack of them could easily cause a 2 point Democrat slip, giving a Republican the win in the above states. If '08 is the same as '04, with only the above states shifting, the Republican wins with 348 EV.

Still, 2008 is light years away, and I am happy for that. I'm still savoring the '04 win. Soon it will be time to gear up for the '06 midterms though. Still, I guess I'm looking at Allen right now.
You guys are talking about this in a total vacuum. Three years in advance of the election, there is no way to talk about what strategies will be; even talking about candidates is speculative. Too much depends on the state of the countries when election time rolls around, and by countries I mean the U.S. and Iraq.
Well, politicians never stop campaigning. And in the case of Hillary, her run for the Senate, if she decides to do that in '06, is a practice run in '08. Also, everything she is doing now is setting herself up for the Brass Ring even if she sits out of the Senate race in '06. So, we better start prepping ourselves for this inevtiablity. Where is Lee Atwater when you need him?
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