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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

They Don't Hate The Math - They Hate The Policy

Democrats will veto any Federal proposal for Katrina Aid in the coming months. Watch it will happen. Here's why:

A) Unemployment Benefits Revamped - no longer can you languish on the gvt's dime. A la Tommy Thompson, W is throwing in some accountability into getting UI. You can get all the jack you want form W, but only if you spend it the way he wants you to: job search, day care accounts for working families, and the best incentive devised - you get 5K if you get and keep a job within 13 weeks. Brilliant!
B) Vouchers - Children will have the opportunity to get the hell out of the hell of public schools in Orleans Parish. Another brilliant idea. Better education = better citizens. Nice.

Will any of this work? I hope to God it will because W has promised money to aid this region like a sailor handing out dollar bills on Shore Leave in Bangkok. The way this can work is to model all the aid to progressive incentivism and have someone drive the accountability of compliance through monitoring federal, not state/city level auditing which has worked oh so well over the last thirty years.

The other bigger problem is that once you promise the world, you have to ante-up. And now there is Rita coming to TX. Pray for Texas!

That's very wishful thinking, however lets not get to exuberant until the actual policy comes through. I think we'll see partisan politics at their worst but not in the direction that provides convenient blog posts for you.
Or yours if you had one! You need one!
Or yours if you had one! You need one!
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