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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Anan Calls For Israel To Withdraw From West Bank

JHC on a popsicle stick! Where the **** is Bolton? Why isn't he stomping all over K Anan for this latest outrageous statement that Israel must withdraw from the West Bank of the Jordan. Anan - "What happens in the West Bank is very much on our mind," "For us, the quartet (US, UN, Russia and the EU), it is Gaza first and then the next stage will be the West Bank. Not Gaza first and Gaza last," he said. The reason this is bollocks is that the first phase of the plan has not been realized. There are two major pieces missing: End to Palestinian violence; Palestinian political reform. Kicking Israel out of Gaza was easy. Israel has done its bit.

Then, and get this, the quartet thanked the Palestinian Authority for "responsible behavior" in containing violence during the withdrawal. And the final outrage of the day besides the picture to the left, the road map to peace calls for a freeze on Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, and the dismantlement of more than 100 unauthorized settlement outposts there. European diplomats and others are eager to push Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to move quickly in the "West Bank" At least W did not echo any of this, yet and I hope to Christ he doesn't!

What's wrong with the picture above?

In a related story, the Palestinian Authority and the UN urged Israel to withdraw from the face of the Earth.
It's probably in the PLO Charter!
I think Bolton is pretty busy playing C.Y.A. on possible Treason charges.
Treason. Funny how that word is easy to say. Since you brought this up, I have one question for you. What do you think about lying under oath? Where were you and the left when Ex Pres Busy Pants did just that. I would like to know if you think lying under oath, and I'm just talking about WJC here, so please don't flood your response with links to lefty crap, is a bad thing. If lying under oath is bad, then should Clinton have been impeached? This is a yes or no question. Just wondering. As far as Bolton goes, ain't nothing he did close to treason. It ain't!
Annan can kiss my arse. On 2nd thought, I wouldn't let his lips touch any part of my body! I could tell you where he could go, but I think you can figure that out. Have a great day.
I think lying under oath is wrong and stupid and I said so at the time. Although I think it's ridiculous that you are outraged by this lie about his personal life but are not outraged by the multi-million dollar, tax payer funded, witch hunt that turned up nothing of substance. So yes, he lied about a blow job and you shouldn't lie under oath. But the hypocritical @ss holes that relentlessly attacked the President for purely partisan purposes are the ones who caused greater harm to this country and me personally.
If I lie under oath, it is not personal. It is a legal matter, and if I get away with it, our legal system is endanger of becoming extinct. Doesn't that bother you?

Do you remember Resolution 1441? Try reading it! Do you remember the US Congress declaring war on Saddam? Read the damn articles of war they all signed on to. Get your facts correct, please.

Thanks. Have a great day.
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