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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Louis Farrakhan - Where's The Outrage?

Louis Farrakhan is at it again and no one on the left or the MSM will demand an apology.

Yesterday, Calypso Louis said that the 17th Street Levee that broke in New Orleans and flooded the city was blown up by Whites in an attempt to hurt the Black people of my city. To paraphrase what was said, Mr. F said that the break in the levee was so wide it had to be a bomb and that Mayor Nagin has evidence to the same.

Where to start? First and foremost, that particular break in the levee at that particular part of New Orleans is in a predominantly White section of town. It's about two to three blocks from Lake Ponchatrain. That area has some of the most expensive homes in Orleans Parish. There are expensive condos close to marinas which serve the lake called West End. In fact, my first cousin has a house about 600 yards from the break which was totally under water. I have life long friends that live in a one square mile section near that break.

Besides the fact that those statements are so patently stupid, there are many, and God only knows why, who actually believe this man. Where is the outrage from the left and the MSM? Will anyone demand an apology? Will the Congressional Black Caucus and other Black Leaders condemn this man for stirring up emotions in a time of national crisis? Will Mayor Nagin or Gov Blanco demand a retraction? It won't happen. Like everything else King Louis says, he will get a pass in the MSM and be allowed to continue his vitriolic bilge unchecked. The next time a levee in New Orleans breaks, I hope the King is as close to it as possible to experience the shock of its blast so he can corroborate his lunatic assumptions.

I'll be shocked if there is any outcry against Farrakhan over his idiotic remarks, either on the Right or Left.

Good point about the location of the levees. I don't see much being said about that in the MSM. But that's no surprise. It doesn't help bolster the idea of Bush dragging his feet in order to allow black people to die.

Good blog here, dude!
Very good job you are doing here! Keep up the good work!
Well I'll say Farrakhan is a D#ck but who really cares? The best thing that could happen would be if no one even paid attention to him. He's a marginalized, attention seeking, freakshow.

Speaking of outrage how about Fema sending Ice for Katrina Victims to Maine. Yep, you hear correctly, Maine.

It is important since there are a lot of people in NO who listen to him! That's why!
We should all just ignore this idiot. I think most people do anyways. He's obviously insane.
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