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Friday, September 02, 2005

Got Guard?


An article for all you liberal idiots and the MSM who continue the shrill and baseless ramblings that there is not enough National Guard or Military in the US to help with the South. It makes me sick, absolutely sick at the way this disaster has been instantly politicized. You sorry sacks of cowardly Un-American bastards should not only be ashamed, but should leave the US right now. You don't like this country. You don't like anything this Administration does. You don't think that there is hope. You don't think this President cares. You think the US is a criminal imperialist organization bent on sacrificing its military for the whim of one man. How sick do you have to be to think this way. You GD mental midgets. Cowards and bastards to a man! Go to hell ABC, CBS, NBC! (national news) Get your stuff and get out! You don't deserve to be called Americans!

If you watch the streaming video of the local officials in the outlying parrishes like St Bernard and Placquamines, you would hear the local elected parrish official say: 'we know help is coming, we know our gvt cares, we know the gvt can't get to us. right now we have to rely on ourselves until they can get to us. right now, we are going from house to house and giving people water. now we are ferrying people to Algiers, get them food and water and get them out of the area. right now I'm coordinating with the state of FL to get more helicopters since boats are starting to bottom on cars and other debris which means we needed 10K boats to make this work. so we are doing all we can do, we know help is coming, but we need to hold on until we can get more help. there is no looting in St Bernard Parrish.'


This man gets it. And he is right there living through this hell. God Bless this man and thanks to WWL4 CBS for news about another Parrish besides Orleans!

It's politicized because THE POLITICS of some of these leaders are directly responsible for DEATH AND DESTRUCTION in America. And it wouldn't be such a big deal if the majority of the right didn't immediately go into spin mode no matter how bad their fearless leader f#cks up. There are a huge number of ways this disasters effect could have been mitigated and I'll be damned if the incompetent idiots who can't be bothered to end their vacation early are going to get off scott free. So if you want to carry water for these people than feel free but make no mistake there is blood on their hands.
Cause and Effect
Does your state have a Mid Term Congressional or State election? There is always Nov 2008. Good luck!
Believe me, I'll be all over it.

Best of luck down in Florida.
Not really related but if you like sports this writer is great. Here is a kind of sad, kind of whistfull account from an outsider about New Orleans.

Does this change the fact that it took nearly 5 days to get any serious relief effort going? Maybe they weren't in Iraq, maybe they were just waiting for CIC to get finished with his vacation and photo ops and actually lead. Either way this has been a complete failure of leadership.
Granted - W should have delcared martial law on Friday. Next and I'm going to post this: Why did Gov Blanco wait until Tuesday to request Federal Aid. next why didn't she mobilize the LA Guard as soon as the strom tunred in the Gulf. You want more leadership? How about this. Mayor Nagin refuse, REFUSED to allow the military in the city with rifles. He would not let them in the city unless their weapons were checks and chambers were empty. W is to blame and I have conceede that. But since help is there, getting stronger every day, your argument needs to start with the leadership in LA. Unlike NY that immediately mobilized itself without the Feds, LA is a banana republic and it just showed the world it is.
I think cold pillow neeeds to open a window.. obviously the oxygen supply near his computer is running low.

The shameful way Democrats are trying to turn this disaster into a racial issue is beyond disgusting.

People are dying.. People are suffering... For some to start that kind of craven partisan hackery is the lowest of the low forms of politics.

Shame on you cold pillow... But I imagine shame is not an emotion you are capable of feeling...

This conduct by you and others is worse than the national tragedy of Katrina.

You need to seek some professional help.
Oh Mike, My Brother...a voice in the wilderness! Amen. I never thoght that Mother Nature was racist. But after this storm, it seems to only have affected blacks in Orleans Parrish!
Who is trying to turn this partisan now Mike. I agree that there were local mistakes as well. The fact that you are willing to go to any length to deflect blame from Bush speaks volumes. Show me evidence that the Mayor prevented Bush from acting and I'll apologize but we all know that is a smoke screen for his incompetence. The same incompetence and faith in loyalty of compentency that has caused problems in every aspect of this administration. So go ahead. Defend Bush's head of FEMA. Defend his vacation, his unwillingness to address the issue, defend Condi Rice's shopping and carousing, defend the fact that Cheney is STILL on vacation while this disaster is going on. I'm not excusing the Democrats involved in this but at least they were there, on the ground. I'm tired of arguing about this, I'm suffering from outrage fatigue. So you guys can keep standing up for your failure of a leader. I'm going to bed so I can get up early to box food for NO.
"Who is trying to turn this partisan" Cold Pillow?

Who indeed?

How many stories have I seen in the last 24 hours where Democrats are complaining about President Bush's response to this tragedy.

What good has all this finger pointing accomplished?

And when I hear the DEMOCRAT, Mayor Nagin of New Orleans scream yesterday that he needed FIVE HUNDRED buses to save the poor caught at the Superdome and Convention Center I WANT TO SCREAM.

The Mayor had OVER 500 BUSES, many of which were NEVER USED and subsequently DESTROYED in the flood.

Had Mayor Nagin and his appointed Homeland Security Director implemented the cities OWN plan for evacuation, and had they not waited an EXTRA DAY after President Bush declared a federal emergency, we might not have witnessed DAYS of HORROR on TV.

But you go right ahead an point fingers at Bush if such active self deception and denial of blame and responsibility helps you cope.

The grown ups have arrived in New Orleans now... and we'll clean up your mess.

More here: http://mikesamerica.blogspot.com/#112577995908502632
haha, grown ups, that's rich. Believe what you want. As someone smarter than me once said 'People get the government they deserve'.
Speaking of the grown up. They are preventing the red cross from entering the city.

And the head grown up - President All hat no cattle. Sickening.
Thank you for opening the door and walking out of that socialist closet Cold Pillow.

Frankly, it was pretty obvious all along....

But if we're ever going to get anywhere in this country, you and your ilk are going to have to drop the Bush hate.

Bush won the election in 2000, even though you folks tried to trash the military ballots in Florida.

Republicans won UNPRECEDENTED gains in 2002 in the House and Senate.

Bush was re-elected in 2004 with additional gains in the House and Senate.

It's time you decide whether you are an American or a Democrat.

There's a war on buddy... and the people trying to kill you and me don't care which party you belong to.
Yeah, those Iraqis that attacked us don't care about Partisan politics. oh wait.... By the way, I've switched parties but always been an American. And FOAD for suggesting otherwise, you don't know me.

If you want to talk that kind of shit to me you can come to City Harvest on 8th ave in NYC after work and tell all the people in there boxing food what America Haters the Democrats are.
Coldie: If you're not aware of Iraq's role in this whole mess, you're a fool... no surprise there.

We've been through two elections in this country where the issues of war and peace post 9/11 were decided.

And yet your ilk just seems to think they know better and can overturn the clearly expressed will of the majority.

If that's not America hate, I don't know what is.

Come on down south sometime. I'll take you to a few nearby military bases where the brave men and women have been defending your right to be a fool.

They might be able to clue you in a bit...
And I thought they were the Party of Peace!
Mike: "Come on down south sometime. I'll take you to a few nearby military bases where the brave men and women have been defending your right to be a fool."

Yeah, because people in the military are all from the south. You're an idiot. I'd call you the short bus, Michael Moore of the right but at least he has some intelectual integrity. You're just a shill, living in a world that is black and white and everyone fits in to your neat little stereotypes.
Michael Moore has "intellectual integrity?"

Well I'm glad we know where you are coming from: totally deluded by Orwellian doublespeak with absolutely NO foundation in reality.

Not that I am surprised. Nothing in your world is black and white except your hate for Bush and anything Republican. Everything else is shades of gray.

Just like the war, people like you will never oppose evil, but will actively seek to undermine those who are trying to protect us against it.

In my years of participating in public affairs I have NEVER seen anything as disgraceful as folks like you who put party and politics ahead of their country at a time of tragedy.

I would say you should be ashamed, but I have the feeling you are incapable of registering that emotion.
He has some, unlike you, who continues to spread administration talking points despite the fact that they are outright lies.*

*See 'Gov. Blanco never declared a state of emergency'.
BTW, have you ever actually read Orwell. I frankly find it hilarious and quite orwellian that you would reference that in the defense in the most Orwellian of administrations. Talk about 'up-is-down-ism'. We have always been at war with Oceania Mike, keep repeating it.
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