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Friday, September 02, 2005

Wolf Blitzer - Apologize Now!

It's no wonder no one watches the Clinton News Network or MSNBC anymore. Here's why!

Interview: Wolf Blitzer and Elijah Cummings (D-MD)
Cummings: I feel that the Congressional Black Caucus is responsible for the movement of Federal Aid to New Orleans.
Blitzer: There are some who are saying that if this disaster would have happened in a predominantly white area, Federal response would have been more swift. Do you agree with that?
Cummings: Yes (then he knit a flag)

On MSBC - another station no one else watches, Matthews interviewed Mark Levine, a reporter from Newsweek, a magazine no one reads, this is what was said:
Levine: 'The Congressional Black Caucus stated that aid has not gotten to New Orleans since Orleans Parrish is predominantly black. Bush had some disasters in TX while Governor, but he is a bureaucrat and has no experience in handling something like this. Look, this is the same group of people who are supposed to protect this nation in the face of a terrorist attack. The head of Homeland Security is a lawyer, not a civil defense expert. No one is strong enough to push the President to act faster. There is no face on this disaster leading the way. The Presidnet can't hide behind patriotism anymore since this is national disaster.'

Now on MSNBC, John Edwards (who lost in Nov 2004 if anyone remembers) is comparing incomes of blacks and whites. 'If anything goes wrong in a person's life, they have nothing to fall back on. They go right in the ditch. We have not taken the responsibility to help these people.'

As I type, FOX has confirmed a report that a gang with guns have sniped and pinned down fireman in the St Bernard Parrish Fire Station. They are being shot at from unknown locations. One fireman has been hit, presumed dead. So the hurricane has miraculously blown weapons into the hands of individuals, put rounds in the chambers and has made them shoot fireman and civilians. Amazing!

I am overcome with outrage over the politization of this disaster by the left. Actually, it's a great political move. Until this disaster, about the only policy leverage the left has had in the last ninety days has been Cindy Sheehan. Now she can go the way of Do Do. So I bet that all the detractors of the Fed response are probably thankful that they have a new vehicle to attack the President, even though, despicably, it's on the backs of people of all colors. Funny how concern for others only seems to be one color!

It's infallible - post something as concrete as this about the left and what do you get? Nothing! not one peep from lefties defending a twit like Wolfie and the Clinton News Network
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