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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hastert Is An Idiot...So is Sharpton And Other Observations

First, I just sold all my Disney Stock. ABC ran a story where some bastard from the NAACP said that if blacks with the means got out of New Orleans and whites were the ones who had stayed during Katrina, then relief would have gotten there faster and he (NAACP) would not have to be on television complain that blacks are being victimized. It's tough for me to type how outraged I am about this....I will never take my family to Disney ever again.

Now, Hastert needs to be tarred and feathered. Besides the fact that what he said was taken out of context - which it was (he said that since N.O. is below sea level, why rebuild?) - he should not have opened his big fat mouth. Even if anyone agrees with what he said, and I for one do not since I'm from there, why in God's name would you say this? Everything, and absolutely everything anyone in the Bush Administration is doing is under a microscope. He should have realized that his statement would have been taken out of context and crucified with it.

On to Rev Al. Tar and feather this idiot. Hurricane Katrina is racist and so is the Bush Administration since the majority of victims in Orleans Parrish are black. On its face, what he said and believes is racist. If he is only concerned about blacks and not all people, let alone other minorities, then how much more racist do you have to get. Pig!

Mayor Nagin is no Guliani. Right now, New Orleans needs a Guliani. Of course he is overwhelmed. Understood. But where is his Command Center? Where is the coordination his city needs to have with State and Federal authorities? His leadership is as non-existent as the lack of a military presence in New Orleans.

1. Why wasn't Louisiana National Guard put on higher alert?
2. Why has it taken four days for more troops to get to LA? (I know I'm neglecting MS and AL - more on that later)
3. Why aren't residents (not refugees - we are not Iraqis GD!) moved to Fort Polk or Barksdale AFB?
4. Why aren't looters being arrested and put in makeshift jails?
5. Why aren't looters being placed on temp barges on the river or being housed at Jackson Barracks?
6. Why isn't the media covering the magnificent work that the Navy and Army is doing in getting survivors off of roof-tops?
7. Why is it only in Orleans Parrish where there is lawlessness unabated?
8. Why are there not C-130s and other cargo planes running 24/7 in and out of Louis Armstrong Airport?
9. Why aren't there air drops being coordinated among rooftops of buildings close to the Superdome?
10. If a Cat 3 was coming to N.O., why wasn't the request for Fed help sent on Friday? And why weren't there cargo planes ready to go, engines running waiting to drop water, medicine, food on Tuesday?
11. Why hasn't Mayor Nagin come on television and begged, begged looters to stop, reminded them that the Military is on their way to take control?
12. Why didn't W declare Martial Law immediately following the hurricane?
13. Why didn't the city of N.O. have a back-up and redundant communication system?
14. Why can't the MSM shut the **** up and stop pandering and grief pimping misery? (NBC just stated that tomorrow, N.O. will descend into anarchy)
15. Who is handling W Press Image? Currently, it's Ray Charles!
16. Why can't Oil Companies help out and lower prices?
17. Why can't State Legislatures eliminate tax on oil processing?
18. Why can't the media show a 4 to 1 ratio of something good versus looters?
19. Why can't Port A Pottys be dropped and lined across highways and high ground?

1. Nuke the MSM, Now! The sympathy peddling is staggering.
2. Relief is on the way
3. The N.O. officials are useless - it's a banana republic like everyone has always believed
4. This is a Biblical Disaster - no amount of planning could account for the water
5. This is a water disaster, not wind - there is no high ground in N.O.
6. The Military needs to take control now!
7. W needs to mandate Oil Companies provide relief now
8. We need to drill in Alaska now
9. We need to build 20 new refineries in the Mid-West starting tomorrow
10. Declaring a Disaster Area means nothing - Martial Law needs to be imposed for any Cat 3 and above hurricane from this point forward
11. Fire every speech writer for W today - hire a PR firm (it's all about style)
12. W should never have gone on TV and talked to Diane Sawyer
13. Hire private firms to complete the 100 year Corps of Engineer Projects
14. Haul the Corps of Engineers leadership structure into Congress for hearings
15. Open Ft. Polk and Barksdale AFB to residents now
16. Hire EVERY able bodied resident who is relocated to help rebuild N.O.
17. Suspend SS checks and give stipends to residents in three months
18. If anyone from the MSM says that National Guard is in Iraq and not in the US, treason!
19. W should be in the areas as long as possible until the area is stabilized
20. W should personally question Mayor Nagin and ask 'what happened'
21. 100,000 Military personnel should be deployed in three days - that is attainable
22. Relief ships should be docked in N.O. now!
23. Never put a microphone in front of Sharpton's mouth ever again
24. Hastert should resign
25. After a decree from W that martial law is in place, Looters need to be shot on sight

I'm babbling. I'm rambling. Why? I'm not in N.O., but I'm in shock. I'm from there. All of my family is from N.O. - cousins, family friends, etc. I don't know where my Uncle is. I don't know what happened to my cousins. Where are my Grandmother's neighbors? How is her house? Is it underwater? Where is she going to live? I just don't know. I typed in a previous post that N.O. is gone. For now, it seems like it is. But I have faith that it can come back. Unlike the sympathy peddlers and grief pimps in the media, help is on the way. The best way to diffuse the cabal of naysayers is to focus all available national resources to this disaster. It can happen. It will happen. And when it does, the MSM can go back to worrying about Natalie Holloway! This area came back from Betsy and Camille. It can come back from this. It has to. And we are all going to have to help.

I was in New York when the Rev. Al Sharpton first became a media whore with the Twanna Brawley hoax.

You might remember Twanna. The Duchess County, New York teenager who disappeared, only to turn up later claiming to have been abducted and abused by white men who scrawled the "N" word on her skin and covered her in feces.

Rev. Al took to the streets and the microphones whipping up racial hatred. The lives and careers of a white police officer and a white prosecutor were ruined by this scumbag.

He's made a living off fanning the flames of racial hatred ever since.

Making a race issue out of the Katrina tragedy will not help one person affected by the disaster.
I agree that Hastert said it at the wrong time, but he's right.
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Is that really what you think? What about the people of LA, MS and ALA? Do you think that their homes and lives do not need a chance at being rebuilt?
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