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Thursday, September 01, 2005

If You Loot, We Shoot!

If there is Martial Law (ML) in the Hurricane Katrina area of the South, why hasn’t anyone been shot?

If this is ML, then kill everyone and anyone who steals. Kill everyone and anyone who breaks into any building and exits with anything that does not belong to the break’ee. Seems to me, if you can’t pop a round in the head of someone stealing, then why even have martial law?

Look at this psycho-babble gobbely-gook from the AP. Why is the AP shoveling opinion? Just the facts, please. And even then, no one cares because everyone knows the AP is such a friend of the US and the current administration.


Looting is not ok. PERIOD. Good people don’t loot! They just don’t. I’ve been in a hurricane situation where power was out for four weeks. There was no food available outside the house, no water. We had time to plan. (2 days). We rationed. We sweated. We suffered. We were flooded in the sense we could not leave the house for a two week period. We created the necessary arrangements for taking care of the all ‘human’ needs. And we did NOT loot. Our neighbors did not loot. The people behind us did not loot. When did this happen? 1969 - Camille!

Special Forces, not National Guard needs to be dispatched to the South with bull horns and megaphones blaring: IF YOU LOOT, WE SHOOT. SF troops shold snipe anyone within a 500 foot perimeter around any hospital or necessary facility for the care and needs of real victims.

America needs to understand that this is a special kind of depravity you're witnessing in New Orleans. N.O. has been or has been close to being the murder capitol of the US for over thirty years. There are no words to describe the generational ugliness of endentured welfare-state hanger-ons. Forget all the AP psycho-crap, Orleans Parrish (and parts of Jefferson and the others) is poor, vastly unedcated and has the worst criminals in the nation. Period!

Still, you don’t loot. It’s that simple!

Don't worry it will all be fixed soon. FEMA, the FEDERAL agency responsible for disaster relief is directing donations to Pat Robertson's 'Operation Blessing'. Now we truly have a 'faith based' recovery.
So are we shooting This Guy?
If he has a TV in his hands and has no receipt, open fire! No bag limit!
There was some race pimp on Fox News tonight asking Bill O'Reilly if he would shoot the cops who were breaking into pharmacies to provide medical supplies to doctors?

First, I doubt the validity of that claim and second, it's typical of the race baiting, offensive and inflammatory rhetoric that is not helping anyone deal with this tragedy.

The guy who stole the bus to take people to Houston did the right thing. But for people to defend the looters who are stealing drugs and guns and liquor is offensive.

Are the people who suggest such action is justified saying that we can't expect better from the poor people, mostly black, who are stranded in New Orleans?

Talk about a racist attitude.
I saw that interview you referenced. It was sad. But typical of the mindset of the conspiracy nuts on that side of the debate in this nation. There is nothing you can do to carry on a civil discussion with people like that. It wasn't a discussion. You saw O'Reilly's face. He knew the interview was over. This dope was falling all over himself to get out his last sound byte. This guy swallowed the Nation of Islam Primer and all the sound bytes used by Jackson, Farrakhan and Sharpton. It's sick!
You didn't answer the question though. That guy stole a bus. Should he have been shot?
He did not loot. He improvised, adpated, overcame. He did not break into or enter a place of business and steal a non-essential life item like a TV and the other stuff we have seen on the news. Your exception does not prove your rule. Looters are looters and shold be punished with the full penalty of the law. Nice try!
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