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Monday, September 19, 2005

North Korea Nukes - Crap!

Is anyone besides the MSM buying this? I'm not. It's total crap. North Korea (NK) is out of power. It's that simple. It does not have its own renewable source of energy. (Sound familiar?) So now it's playing the Good Neighbor role to get oil. Does anyone remember Glasnost and Peristroiyka? Gorbachev never intended to make Russia less communist, he only wanted to make communism more efficient. And of course, all the slobbering dolts in the media and lefty acid head professors on all the college campuses bought that crap hook line and sinker. So in the case of NK, all it wants is energy to make it style of centralized planning and human suffering more efficient. Not one country on the planet should give NK anything. Ever!

The MSM homage to Neville Chamberlain ... "we have achieved no nukes in our time ...", and look what he did for world peace.
I totally disagree.

We definitely should send North Korea about 23 million copies of "Team America: World Police."

I'm sure Kim Jong Il would love to see the puppet version of himself.

America! F*ck yeah!
I have not seen this movie yet. Everyone says its hilarious. It looks like its a take off of the Thunderbirds - the super marionette series from the 60s which is fabulous if you've ever seen it.
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