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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The New Face of America - The ACLU Movie About Abu Ghraib

Click on this link. A flash movie should pop-up. It's on an ACLU website. I got there by clicking the previous page whose link was a picture of Donald Rumsfeld with the caption: 'The New Face of America'

I cannot begin to express my outrage over what I viewed. It matters not one wit to me that what happened in Abu Ghraib actually happened. I could care less that anyone of these terrorists, militia, ex-Saddam henchies, mid-easterners was mal-treated. Their humiliation or torture or whatever anyone says is not the issue. The only issue is that while what was done to those men was wrong, our military has brought many people to render unto Caesar. There have been convictions. They will serve jail time. This issue should be closed.

My question now of the ACLU is why would it want to put out more pictures of something that has already been settled in our military court system?

Second, what power does the President or court system have to stop those pictures from being put out to the public?

It's unfathomable to me that any group that puts a picture of the Defense Secretary and claims that is the New America should not be hauled in front of Congress and brought up on charges of treason, let alone libel.

The ACLU's incessant pursuit to discredit this President and his administration with the release of these pictures is a clear and present danger to the national security of this nation. It will be done - these pictures will bring harm to our troops and inflame the passion of those who wish to do this nation harm in the future.

These pictures need to be classified by the military or destroyed ourtight and anyone who leaks them to the public should be shot for treason - any judge should be tarred and feathered and stuck in a cage.

Thanks, ACLU. Thanks for pitching in for America's quest to help our image around the world!

You all should be strung up to the nearest tree!

Where the hell is Andy Jackson when you need him?

Another good one. I'm sold. How about trading sidebar links?
Pictures need to be destroyed?

That's to cover our wrongdoings or what?

I, for one, am grateful to the ACLU for pointing out the policies that have discredited the US (Bush doesn't need the ACLU to discredit him, he's doing that fine on his own).

I have no personal desire to post those pics on my blog or anywhere that I'm associated with. BUT, try to outlaw them and I'll post them everywhere I can.

Charge me with treason if you want, and we, in turn, shall charge with treason the ones whose policies instituted torture. You can tell me which is worse.
Great job. Got you added to the list.

Hey Dan, you are acting like you just discovered there was abuse. The question is why do we need additional photos when we have already seen enough?

I also really don't give a damn whether we torture these murderers or not. For sure if we KNOW they are guilty, I think we should. I don't see how that makes us look bad at all. Screw the terrorists.
If this is torture than I wonder what name you would call what had been happening in the same prison during Saddam time and what the rest of these murderers had been doing to Iraqis before we caught them. I think people forget that these prisoners were not there for stealing apples from an apple cart. Those were terrorists. And by the way, try to be arrested by French or German or Russian police, that's abuse...
Finally, our military took action and punished those responsible. The matter is closed. Posting these pictures now and requesting to release new pictures bears no legal or moral weight except jeopardizing our military but then ACLU has never cared about fellow Americans being killed...
Thanks Olga - great insight! Please stop by again!
The fact of the matter of the matter is that while the prisoners were most certainly humiliated and abused they were not actually tortured. Allow me to give you examples of actual trotures, and you can decide for yourself if what these pictures show is on the same level.
1: Ivan the Terrible would shove glass rods up men's penises and smash them with a a Hammer.
2: Ivan the Terrible would chain people to the wall and starve them while leaving food and water tantalizingly out of reach.
3: During the Spanish Inquisition people were burned alive, broken on the rack, had their eyes put out with coals, had rats chew through their abdomens, etc . . .
4. The North Vietnamese would bury prisoners up to their necks in maggots.
5. The North Vietnamese would use wet sponges and metal rods hooked up to generators or car batteries to shock people to just under the threshold of death.
6. Various physical mutilations ranging from cutting off body parts to cutting and burning the flesh.
7. One of Saddam's favorites - rape.
If piling nude men on top of one another and taking pictures of them, or scaring terrorists by hooking them up with fake devices is torture the what would would you call these?
Are you insane? Have you actually seen the pictures? Attaching electrodes to someones genitals, being tied and beaten beaten (sometimes to death), Forced naked, hooded, and wet into a pile with several other men and forced to stay that way, the rape of both women AND CHILDREN. You are trying to say that isn't torture? Or are you just trying to make the knock out argument of 'well at least we aren't as bad as the North Vietnamese and Ivan the Terrible'. You're more upset that this information is public than that it actually happened, in YOUR NAME. Unfortunately, the Iraqis and muslims all over the world already know about this and more because they are there and it is the stuff of urban legend. Yet despite everything that has happened, no serious investigation, so penalties for the people that allowed this to happen, a rather intensive cover up you probably still believe that they 'Hate us for our Freedom'. At least we know irony is alive and kicking.
One thing that the American people will not stand for is a cover-up we want to see all of the facts. Until the pictures came out the Army did nothing about it. We saw this before at My Lai when the Army denied it was responsible. Moral clarity is our best weapon in the war on terrorism, torture THE most counterproductive.
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