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Friday, November 11, 2005

Today in 1984 - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Completed

For those that have not visited the Capitol and have not seen this memorial, here it is. I find in uniquely compelling; and every time I am in DC, I visit this site. Human statues as memorials have always moved me this way. But this memorial, unlike most other memorial statues I have seen here and around the world, forces you to feel the emotions of its subjects. Unlike a statue of Grant, Lee, Patton or others, this memorial is not intended to be a romantic ideal of its subjects. Just look at the faces of each soldier. The artist has done a masterful job in capturing the emotions these men must have felt while in combat. Each face for me makes me feel a different set of emotions. These are common, dog face soldiers; probably draftees barely old enough to shave who were thrown into the hell of combat thousands of miles from their homes. The other intent of this memorial, I think, is for the viewer to look past this time in history and honor anyone who has served in combat in all wars of this nation. I wish statues like this were not necessary. But freedom is not free. I hope each and every American visits our Capitol and stands in front of this statue to gaze into the faces of these three soldiers who represent all soldiers who have fought and died for this great nation.

Comments removed by author in honor of Veterans Day.

well yesterdays section about the 101st lrrp seems to have been taken down. I think an explanation should be given. When mistakes are made they should be acknowledged. His claims do appear fraudulent.
Today Congress announced they would suspend a 55 Year tradition of hearing from Veterans groups. Classy.

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