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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Harvard’s Chicken Littles Say The Sky Is Falling

Hey - How many Frenchman does it take to keep a window closed? About 10,000!

There is a new study coming out of Harvard that says the US is going to fry like the French and the rest of the EU fried in the summer of 2003 if global warming continues, if we don’t build more shelters (code word for the homeless) with ac, plant more trees, build better heat resistant roads, etc., blah, blah, blah. Harvard researchers looked at what would happen if a comparable extreme-heat event settled on five major U.S. cities, learning that not only would the country experience massive blackouts, but thousands of people could die – operative word - could. (I can name five cities in AZ that are scorched eight months out of the year and people don’t drop dead like the EU’ers) But these global doomsayers need to bank on the word ‘could’ in order for their schlock science to prove anything. What a great way to validate the bleeding obvious – if one or more people die as the temperature goes up, then global warming is proven and the US must alter it’s economy and way of life to save itself from solar annihilation. Bollocks! Fact - People die when the weather gets warm. Fact – People also die when the weather gets cold. What studies show the number of people who die when it snows around the world? Maybe the human body deals with the cold better than heat. So to make the causal link that people die when the temp rises and pin that on global warming maybe the heady stuff on which research grants are awarded, but it certainly is not science nor can it be proven. Never mind the fact that the avg daily temperature is hotter in the US and periods of extreme heat last longer here than across the pond and we don’t drop like flies – but that is not even considered since it would invalidate the claim that the sky is falling according to the eco-alarmists in Cambridge, MA. No thanks, Harvardistas. We in the US are a lot smarter than our French and EU cousins and know how to open a flippin window when the temp goes up!

Stay Cool!

I remember when we were at 40 degrees in the Med and as soon as we crossed the Suez Canal, into the Red Sea, it went from 40 degrees to 110 degrees.

I also remember passing by the horn of Africa at 120 degrees and spending a few months in the Persian Gulf at 120 degrees.

None of us dropped like flies.

Good post. I think we do need to plant more trees and worry about warming but I think people are being a little too extreme about it.
Don't worry. When Hillary is elected President cool breezes will being to flow across the EU continent once again.
Each American will have their own personal air conditioner and hurricanes will be a thing of the past.
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