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Monday, November 07, 2005

Frying Cheese

You have to read this piece over at Pave France. Read the bit in the top section of their post about what the Frenchies said about the LA Riots in the 90s. Oh those French - they are so right all of the time, aren't they?

Yes, the French are much more humane than the US.


The French run around squawkin' and crappin' in the streets and they never stand up for themselves. That's why they were under the elusive impression that nothing bad could happen to a pushover nation.

Next time Germany is in France, we should let em take the bastards.
"Frying Cheese"? And is your post more or less classless and distatesful than theirs? Congratulations, you are what you mock.
I heard that Bush is thinking about sending in the Marines . . . but there is some discussion about whether the mission will require a squad or a fireteam.


BTW, Thank you for stopping by Stacking Swivel. I'll try to be more active over there in the future. Keeping two blogs up is a workout . . .
Hey Coldie...it's Black Jacques Chirac and his 'appease Muslims so they won't kill us gvt' I direct the Frying Cheese headline too. It's sad that France is burning...it is. Now saying that I am tasteless and classless - No problem since you think that one headline I wrote can be compared to the sentiments of an entire foreign nation and the vitriol spewed at our gvt for the way we handled riots 15 years ago. But your comment is screaming that you have no sense of humor and can't see the irony that a country like France has no business telling the US how to handle domestic issues when you see every major pop center there set ablaze by the very people they tried to appease by not helping the US with the GWOT. So there you have it - I feel sorry for the froggies who are innocent. I do. But the French gvt needs to stomp on these fired-up Muslim scumbags. It won't. It's been 11 days since the fires started and from what I am reading, the military has not been caleed out. And you can bet it won't use real bullets. So yes...Cheese is Frying and it's all Chirac's fault. And the French press had the gaul (sorry) to tell us how to handle the LA Riots! Let Them Eat Cake!
Hey, I don't think the french have the right to tell us how to handle our domestic issues. I just find it odd that you are criticizing them for telling us what to do while simultaneously telling them what to do.

BTW, it looks like you may be seeing some news about the US using chemical weapons in Falluja against a civillian population. You might want to get in front of this early...
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http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/marxism/2005w12/msg00149.htm Hey Coldie...you're right...I did some digging and got the same story you did thing from a Marxist news source from back in March. So you're right...we need to stay way, way in front of a story that was reported back in March 2005.
Wow, how freaky will it be when the headlines read: "Insane Bush administration lives up to even the most whacked out marxist conspiracy theories".

How about those crazy marxists talking about how we have secret prisons in foriegn countries? That's just crazy!
When the hammer and sickle fit, Comrade. Thanks for the continuous fun at the left's expense!
Looks like the Repubs might have given away top secret information again regarding our secret gulags. Why are the repubs so irresponsible when it comes to national security?
Any Republican who would do that is not a Rep or a true American. If a Rep did this, then he/she needs to be thrown into one of our 'international correctional facilities' post haste.
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