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Friday, November 04, 2005

US Senate Rejects Alaska Oil Ban

Good. I'm glad the Senate rejected this eco-propaganda, chicken little sky-is-falling crap. W wants it. America needs it. The arguments from the left is that drilling in the ANWR would endanger birds, bears, and some moose thingy. Well, so flipping what. Put the animals in zoos where the belong and drill until there is no more oil to be found and let's get off the Saudi dime once and for bloody all. Don't people realize the best thing about animals is how they taste! Now let's see if the House of Reprehensibles has the guts to do the same thing as the Senate. Read more

That is it - I am sending PETA after you!
Not to mention the fact that where they want to drill in ANWR is akin to the ass end of an asteroid. Ice roads, ice pads, working only in the winter.The techniques used to drill in ANWR are cleaner and more eco friendly than most Eath day celebrations.
The House of "Reprehensibles" has been passing that bill for 5 or 6 years now! What do you mean?! Of course they will. It's about time, too.

Let's see the Rats shut down the Senate again. Maybe we'll get school choice! LOL.
These games the Senate plays is out of hand.

This just shows you what we can accomplish with GOP leadership and GOP majority on both sides.
I hope you're exaggerating a "bit", afterall, everything is connected and if huge quantities of animal species die off, then it will affect humans negatively. (this comment is not directed toward the drilling in Alaska)
I'm still F'in pissed off that I can no longer find any fish to eat that doesn't have excelerated levels of mercury in them that will affect my ability to breed.
excuse me "fish that don't..."
Even fish that come from fish farms?
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