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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Greta Van Susteren Needs Her Own Station

Get Greta off of FOX now! Greta has not been a journalist since she left CNN. What she does from 10 - 11 PM EST M-F is regurge tabloid crap masked as investigative journalism. Greta is not investigating anything. What story has she broken that was not already picked up by AP or one of the other cable networks? I propose that someone start the Missing Person's Network. There , Greta and all the other people who need People can go and get their fill of 'what kind of tree Jennifer Wilbanks would be if she gets married!' It ain't news and what Greta does should be relegated to the WB along with Springer and Judge Joe Brown. Give us a break, Greta. I like you Greta, but FOX does not need ratings that bad!

All Greta, all the time...
Just what we need.

Seriously, her talent could be much better utilized.
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