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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Preemptive Surrender

Michael Ledeen over at NRO gives what I think is a scathing snub to the way the diplomatic side of Iraq is going. Read. It’s a great lesson in majority rule government and the required abandonment of the realpolitik that seems to be taking place.

Perhaps, perhaps, but what is Iraq? It is the exit strategy presented to the world by remanants of Victorian Britain in 1919. (see Poldark Maximus discsussion of this on his website entitled "Its Mesopotamia, stupid, not Iraq") Majority/minority rule? Let's begin with the Czech Republic and Slovakia; then 10 new/old nations instead of "Yugoslavia" (held together only by the strength of the tyrannt Josef B. Tito, on-par with Saddam Hussein), the break-up of the Soviet Union itself and , well the examples just go on forever.

Hoping for majority/minority behavior in Iraq will require a patience not found in nature. In their own little world, the Sunni's are the majority. It were ever thus. Poldark Maximus
Fine. Isn't five little Iraqs better than one SH Iraq? Looks like the answer is yes. Ah, but if things continue to go the way they are, there will not be a need for five little Iraqs, just one - one that is free and democratic in an area where other countries can seize the opportunity to throw off the yolk of thousands of years of human rights abuses. It's a grand human experiment that will eventually lead to a domino effect to free millions of oppressed people. Viva Liberty! And please thank the US for making this happen.
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