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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Howard Stern on The O'Reilly Factor Wed 8 PM EST

I can't wait for this. I love Howard Stern. Sure he's not a friend of the right many times, but this guy is funny. Because of work I will have to watch the 11 PM broadcast of The Factor. It should be fun! Tune in if you can. Analysis to follow!

I thought it was a great interview. I used to listen to him all the time until my kids could understand him! He is worth every penny SIRIUS pays him to do what he always did fefore the FCC started clamping down on him!
One of my Conservative Christmas Wishes is to have the FCC repay every penny it stole from Howard!
IMHO, Howard Stern is one of the more dispicable human beings running loose....
Perhaps, but you can't deny the genius he is for what he's done with the medium of radio and now sat radio. If you've read one of his books, it's all about ratings. He truly is a remarkable businessman and showman. PT Barnum would be jealous!
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