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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Crippled Crescent City

I do not usually post two articles from the same source in one day – people read NRO and pick and chose what they like. This article, however, touched me more than most things I have read about my home, New Orleans. Deroy Murdock gives a chilling account about the devastation Katrina brought to my home city. It’s a good read, even if you’re not from this area. My parents just left for their other home in AL. The told me stories of devastation on the break-side of the 17th Street Canal as it impacted those they know – lifelong friends and even relatives – houses moved off of foundations, water past the roof up to twenty something feet – business gone. Some estimates of recovery seem Biblical in their predictions– thirty years before it’s all back together. Imagine. At least two whole generations of life eradicated in less than a 24 our period. Imagine if this happened where you live. For my family, in Jefferson Parish, life is getting back to some kind of normalcy – dry wall is up in their houses. New appliances and cabinets now occupy the spaces where the water line was up to two feet. Outside, trees have been removed from power lines. At least for them, life can resume. For others, as mentioned in this article, life is on hold – maybe for generations.

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