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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Want To Kill Castro? Build A Wal Mart At Gitmo

If the US is going to shut down Gitmo and cave to pressure of America Haters here and abroad, then let’s improve the real value of that property by building a WalMart.

The Cubans are starving for commercial goods. They need everything a WalMart has to offer. And once Cubans begin to get a taste of commercialism, Castro’s Communism is extinguished as an idea and maybe he will too. Hey, if a WalMart is opened, Castro can be a greeter:
¿Recepción al centro comercial de Wal Mart, cómo puedo ayudarte? (Welcome to WalMart...how may I help you?)

Construction should begin the moment we release the first Tallywhacker back into the wild.

Awesome post. I'm with you all the way. Lets go to the bank and get a loan.
"If the US is going to shut down Gitmo and cave to pressure of America Haters..."

Otherwise known as the Supreme Court and GW Bush?

And, has Walmart not already done enough damage here that we'd choose to inflict that on Cuba? They may consider that an act of war...
"Otherwise known as the Supreme Court and GW Bush?"

Get lost. The America haters are those who don't let us properly protect ourselves. You libs repeatedly try to paint Wal Mart as a Red China corporate antichrist. Wal Mart hasn't done anything but out do its competitors.
Liberal? I'm a conservative in the tradition of those who are supportive of Mom and Pop stores, of those who like taking their kids fishing at the fishing hole on Saturdays without fear of poisoning them, of obeying laws, of compassion. Who said anything about liberalism?

What I am, though, is one who loves our country, her land and her ideals. That's not a problem, is it?
Well, Mami y Papi in Cuba are probably in a Gulag, thanks to your buddy Fidel. So if you're as compassionate as you tell us you are, then I am sure you would not mind the Cubans access to little things like shoes, clothes, diapers for babies, linens, appliances, etc.

And guess what, I am probably one of the few conservatives who believes the embargo on Castro should be lifted. Why? As the title of this post states...kill Castro (communism) with consumerism. The best way to do that is to inject immediate free market entrepreneurialism.

In fact, our new foreign policy should be - WalMarts Are US! A WalMart in every non-democratic-non-constitutional-republic would eraddicate commies, socialists, islamo-jerkweeds, etc.

A Chicken In Every Pot A WalMart In Every Third World Rathole!
I couldn't agree more!
I'm still waiting to hear what Wal Mart has done that is so "terrible" for our country.
What you will hear is the cry of unfair competition, mom-n-pops get run out of town, unfair labor practices, WalMart won't UNIONIZE, slave labor overseas...the usual lefty claims...

In this post, there is no point of conteiton a lefty can have, except the overthrow of one of their heores. The mom-n-pop in the case of Cuba is the blackmarket. Getting rid of the embargo should alleviate the condition of the Cuban people immediately. What's more humane than that?

The poit of the post is satire. But the idea that the emabrgo should be lifted is real. The idea of bettering the condition of these suffering people is the goal. The overthrow of Castro should be the policy of this Administration.
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