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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

From Bill O'Reilly's page on FOXNEWS.COM

"Just a heads up about some recent newspaper articles concerning ratings for “The Factor”. We continue to be the highest rated program in the cable news universe. But during July and August, I do take some time off. You may have noticed. You may not. Summer vacation is a great thing, but some dishonest and/or ill informed writers have used that time off to say our ratings are declining. Isn't that sneaky? It's also false. Despite the days we're off, our numbers are up across the board thanks to you. We've been on the air almost nine years here, and I have rarely read anything honest concerning this program, which is ridiculous. It makes me angry but there's nothing I can do about it except let you know when this ridiculous stuff happens."

Take that CNN I, CNN II, MSNBC, CNBC, and the Big 3 (or the big 1 and the little 2)

Robert Novak to join Deadwood
Impressed by suspended CNN pundit Robert Novak's ability to swear with abandon, the creator of Deadwood says he has begun writing a part for him explaining that he will fit right in with the show's ...
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O'reilly is a putz
Novak on Deadwood...funny. Too easy, he'd have all the best lines. Thanks for the comment on the blog. When you have the left to observe and comment, it make sthings really easy!
Hey Cellounge...you wish you had his viewership!
O'Reilly has been beaten by Greta Von Sustern(sp?) several times recently. And I know that O'Reilly was not on vacation for at least a few of those times. Although in the grand scheme of things it's pretty ridiculous. I think O'Reilly is a tool but he has no problem attracting fans.
Forget politics, the stuff that Gretta is doing, I know it gets ratings, but come on! I just tune it out since it's not news. However, it has its niche and fortunately it's not the norm for FOX to show these kind of stories over and over. No news outlet, cable speaking, can do that and survive. How many times does Gretta have to chase the prosecutor maid's best friend's doctor to ask how the client was on the beach with Natalie and what his role in the Kennedy Assisnation was.
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