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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mary Mapes - The Bush Memos Were Not Proven False!

I just read a great piece about Mary Mapes and the CBS Bush-Memo-gate debacle. In an interview on CNN, Mapes was asked if she believed that the Bush Memos aired in Sep 2004 were real. Her response was a classic Clinton'esque Orwellian double-speak: 'No one can prove they were not false.' well, sweetie, it's not the job of the American public to determine if those memos were real. It's your flippin job to prove that the memos were authentic before they went on the air which you and your cabal knowingly put forward to influence the Presidential election. So much for accuracy in the media. Moron!

Good points. It's like she thinks it was good enough for CBS to go to print just because the docs existed, even if fake. Everything bad about Bush has to be true, right? Fake but accurate.

Somehow I think Mary will live the rest of her life in search of those confounded docs. Long after Bush is gone, she'll still be looking and mumbling about Rove.
she will have Rather as a company. He is still on his mission to prove that the memos were fake but accurate...
She is unbelievable.
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