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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Republicans Do Not Have To Prove A Thing!

That's right...As I type, the MSM is waging a voting referendum war against GWB. ABC said that being aligned with the President is a bad thing. CBS said that Bush's poll numbers are worse than ever and are hurting conservative candidates. NBC said that candidates are distancing themselves from the White House just to stay close to their Dem opposition. Did I miss something? Did we have a Presidential election today? If we did, I missed it. And in those states where there were elections, was GWB on any of the tickets? What today means, and again, polling locations are still open in several of those states, is that the prima facia case rests with the Dems, not the Repubs. If GWB's poll numbers can be linked to local elections, note the word local, then no conservative should win anything, not one conservative initiative will pass, and this should be the shape of things to come in 06 and 08. I'm betting that this won't happen. And the MSM will not only not eat crow when there is not a Dem sweep today but come-up with some excuse as to why Dems did not sweep VA, TX, CA and NJ. Watch...I bet it will happen!

I think Corzine won in NJ. Read the papers tomorrow. Republicans are doomed.
VA and NJ go to Dems. Texas can have their gay marriage ban.
All of Arnolds ballot initiatives went down. $60 million in tax payer money for nothing.
NJ is the mostly democratic state. So, it simply REPLACED one Dem governor with another Dem governor; and it was NOT an 'easy' win, just by 10 points.
VA also simply REPLACED one Dem governor with another Dem governor; and it was NOT a 'solid' win, just by 5 points.
As for CA, I feel sorry for these people: they are doomed and, frankly, they are stupid. They had a chance to bring their state around and they blew it. We, here in NYC, know well that public employee unions are a waste of taxpayers money and their leadership does NOT care for the good of the people, especilly Teacher's Union...
Math doesn't look good on this one ...... As for W's poll numbers well he is the President. But, I think, he is supposed to represent us and really to do what the nation wants.
It's pretty clear many spineless repubs are abondoning the W. The same spineless ones who let ANWR off the hook in a time of unprecidented oil need, and refuse to cut the budget in a time of unprecidented deficits and a war.

We may ALL be doomed.
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