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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

China Issues Terror Warning For US Tourists

If you're going to travel to China, be careful. Accordign to this article, "The US Embassy has learned that Chinese police advised hotels that Islamic extremist elements could be planning to attack four and five star hotels in China sometime over the course of the next week." Now I'm not trying to be racist, but don't you think that someone not from China would stick out like a eggroll in a punch bowl? Unlike the melting pot here and in the EU, China being a rather homogeneous group, you would be able to pick these folks out. Now unless they are Tamil Tigers or Indo-Islamos, that might be a bit more difficult. Watch your six!

It's an interesting point about being able to distinguish muslim fanatics in more homogenous societies. However China has about 15-20 million muslims, some of them undoubtedly still pretty pissed about the closing of 29,000 mosques and execution of over 360,000 muslims under Mao's rule.
I'm guessing between Chinese muslims and growing diversity in urban areas it's not unthinkable for islamic fundamentalists to be able to pull something like this off. Hopefully these sorts of threats will bring China on board when it comes to pressuring other nations to fight against terrorism and religious fanaticism.
It'll be a cold, day in hell when Red China jumps on the US bandwagon. Red China is probably more of a threat than Al Qaeda themselves.
A threat ? ummmmm you mean an economic threat ?Well they are the country of first choice for Wal-Mart,our largest retailer. But I for one am not concerned about their ability to project military. The last time they left their borders the Viets gave them a sound thrashing. Perhaps we should begin military assistance to the Viets ? naww I guess that it could be still soon for that !!
If anyone thinks we torture prisoners, wait until they get caught by the PRC. Wow!
I think we do torture prisoners, and I'm pretty pissed about it. Am I wrong? Or wrong to be pissed?
I hope we torture prisoners and I think it's fine to do so. War is hell!
Then we certainly disagree. I remember when conservatives saw America as a "Shining City on A Hill" now it's "America: At least we're not China!".

So is it only alright with you to melt the skin off of women and children in foreign countries or would you be in favor of using this in America too?
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