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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Boycott France

Looking at some snipets of how the French Press is reacting to its cities being burned, I came across this gem from France Soir: “The helplessness of the Government to restore order and to propose a political solution is shaking citizens’ trust in the republican pattern. Can republican fraternity still win, or is our country turning to social apartheid, which we thought was the privilege of US society?” So Frenchie press thinks we have a social apartheid in the US. And why are your cities being burned to the ground? Boycott France!

Boycott France ?? Stop buying their products ? What products are those ? Renaults ? Peugoets ? Real Americans shop at Wal_Mart and Wal_Mart doesn't sell anything French, mostly only Chinese.
Lol, I second that.

Hey CR, I know this sounds weird, but I'm confused about something. I don't know whether I'm ok with the french riots, or I support them, or I'm against them.

Is this normal? I mean, they cowered out of helping us in Iraq, which led more attacks to take place and for us to stretch ourselves, and now the tables are turning in their own country.

Do you think they see why we take the fight to the enemy?
I don't think they see it.

I've been on the boycott since they wouldn't let us use their airspace during the *cough* Clinton administration.
I've been on this kick since we had to fly an extra 1500 miles around France to get to Libya when RR went after them fellas and the frenchies did not want us over their precious airspace.
Thank God France is finally seeing the fruits of its cowardice and complacency. Maybe it will not fully embrace Western-style democracy and capitalism. Or maybe it will find some way to blame the U.S. Which do you think will happen?
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