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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Sleeping Yellow Horde

I believe it was Napoleon Bonaparte who called China at one time the Sleeping Yellow Horde. How prescient was this observation made over two hundred years ago? The West is in big trouble. China has built up its military at an alarming rate. They have bought SU-30 type planes from the Soviet Union. China has built and deployed its own MBT. China's navy is organized and growing faster than our intelligence had projected. STA, STS missles exist in greater quantities and capabilities that, if put on the right platform, could strike the United States. China has stolen or has been sold weapons secrets that we are now just beginning to realize.

From a pure power projection standpoint, experts think China can be ready to hit Taiwan in no less than three eyars. Attcking Taiwan while politically expedient, is not strategic. China is out of land and out of power. It needs space and oil for it ever grwoing population. Attacking Taiwan is not going to solve the fact that there is no more space. So where is China going to project its power? Land-wise, over-running all its southern neighbors is the easiest way to increase its land assests. Doing this also gives China more access to vital shipping lanes. Korea is in the same predicament. Geographically, its attachment to MLC (Main Land China) means it's just a matter of time before both Koreas are consumed with the weight of China's land based army. To China's extreme west is Kazahkstan - the openining the the west and north for land China needs.

All eyes are on the Middle East and the WOT. But we better remember what Napoleon said and preapre for the awakening of the Sleeping Yellow Horde.

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