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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Saintly Giving

I never liked that term the pc crowd uses 'giving back.' It smacks of condescension like those who are giving took something from someone else in the first place. Why can't giving something mean just that: giving? Let's strike the phrase giving back from the pedestrian lexicon of nay sayers and bleeding heart sycophants.

Here is a story of 'giving' that comes from a strange place, the NFL:

The New Orleans Saints paid for the funeral services of 19-year-old football player Demond Jessie this past weekend. Jessie was a New Orleans native who played high school football in the Oakland, Calif., area. He died in his sleep last month at Laney College in Oakland. The team also paid to have his body transported to New Orleans after being contacted by his mother, Vertis Mays.

They may not be military personnel, fireman, policeman, or unpaid volunteers in charitable organizations, but it's refreshing to think that this kind of charity comes from a group that is often maligned as being out of touch with regular people. Good show giving!

Thats a pretty cool story.

On a semi related note. if you have the chance go see the movie 'Murderball'. Its an amazing story of hard working athletes that really puts things into perspective. Especially when compared to all of the pampered, spoiled, ego-maniac athletes we hear about everyday.
How old is it? Is it in the video stores yet?
Nope, just out in theatres. It's a documentary about quadrapalegic rugby. Very intense and very inspiring.
I saw a bit on that on BBC America and it looks really interesting. The media needs to do a better job in highlighting these kinds of stories.
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