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Friday, August 12, 2005

And That's The Way It Isn't

Why is no one watching CBS news anymore? Because it continues to run opinion masked as objective interpretation of fact. Today I saw a bit, which I assume is a regular set piece, called 'Tribute to Fallen Heroes.' Today's piece was one minute about a US Army soldier who died in the line of duty in Iraq. Now those words, line of duty, were not used. What Bob Schieffer did say, in an affected and overly melodramatic and lugubrious tone, was that another soldier had died in an ambush and that he was too young to die. How is anyone supposed to believe that this kind of over-sentimentalized drivel is genuine? First, and foremost, this man volunteered, volunteered for the military. He was not press ganged into service. He did not have his family held hostage as he serviced the state aganst his will (which is just one of the ideals we are fighting against in Iraq). There was no mention of what his unfortunate death entailed, no metion of the operation involved. Perhaps he died while trying to save a fellow soldier in a fire fight. Or maybe this was not an ambush, but a tactical operation where a casualty took place in spite of the report where, according to what was broadcast, is another example of the slant that continues to come from the Big 3 that implies our soldiers are unprepared for operations in the unsecured and lawless landscape of Iraq. After Bob broke to commercial and the picture of this soldier faded with no music, I immediately switched to MSNBC. In the same sixty second period, it ran through three news items with no spin, no opinion or extraneous commentary with room for interpretation - just facts. While it's a fact this soldier died in the line of duty, is it the business of the media to foist its opinion in such a disengenuious and unobjective manner? This is the first time in a long while I have been able to catch CBS's Evening News. After wintessing what I saw, it's no wonder no one watches it anymore? Thank God!

Reminds me of the BBC policy not to refer to terrorists as such, but under the monicer "bombers".

It's sad.
Look down the list of entries at the bit I did about Soccer Hooligans in Iraq. It looks like Blair is going after them, building by building. It's a start! I wonder if the BBC is going to hink of another word for Militant Muslim Clerics? Thanks for the Comment!
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