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Thursday, August 11, 2005

NeoCon vs PaleoCon – Does It Matter?

The simple answer is, no. Forty years ago and before, it mattered. It mattered then since the GOP and Conservatives actually held ideals that many on the other side of the isle held true as well: hawkish defense, minimizing the Soviet threat, etc,. But since that time, the left’s pervasiveness has manifested itself into the pantheon of everyday existence. That party has been taken over by a fringe element of sixty’s radicalism that in no way represents the very people it’ supposed to support.

We are faced with the threat of cultural and political domination outside the halls of Congress which makes the lines that used to separate PaleoCons and NeoCons irrelevant. Like Horatio at the Bridge, conservatives fight an army hell bent on our destruction; an army that is set to destroy ideals that have made us the cultural and economic envy of the world and substitute it with moral and cultural relativism. We must stand up to the ideological tyranny that confronts us in our schools and colleges, libraries, books, movies, courts, media and even the secular humanism pervasive in mainstream religion.

So why fight amongst ourselves, why divide our own isle of Congress when there is an enemy who outnumbers us and continues to cross the ideological bridge of limited government, self reliance, and liberty.

Yes, the landslide victory of this past election at all levels of government is hopeful. But those gains will diminish if we allow those who lead us on the right to site idle in the face of such an invasive and permissive attack on the morals that separate us from them as much as we are separated from lower forms God’s creation.

The enemy is before us. Let us win this battle of ideas with a united front. Unite NeoCons and PaleoCons. Stand fast at the bridge!

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